Oracle MAF: Run in background

There may often be a requirement for a mobile app to continue running in the background after the user moves on to another app. A sample usecase may be to sync data from an online resource – especially when a connection becomes available again. This may be more convenient to do when the user is not actively […]

Oracle MAF: NoClassDefFoundError java/beans/PropertyChangeSupport

This was a weird one and occurred twice to me. When I start up an app, I would get this error. This didn’t occur with all apps and sometimes not even on previous deployments of the same app. It was only today that I finally found the cause. Sometimes when I generate accessors on a Java […]

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Oracle MAF: Push page button using Javascript

A common requirement on MAF is to simulate a page button push using Javascript. To achieve this, what you need is a Javascript function that registers two events on the button – “touchstart” and “touchend”. (function() { pressAMXButton = function() { var eventTarget = document.getElementById(arguments[0]); //argument is the button id var touchStartEvt = new Event(“touchstart”); […]

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Oracle MAF: JDK 1.8 config

When you install the MAF extension and restart JDeveloper, you will be prompted to specify the location of a JDK 1.8 installation. Once you configure this, JDeveloper is meant to create a new Java SE profile and use this for MAF applications. It appears that this process doesn’t always work very well. In my case, […]

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