Oracle MAF: NoClassDefFoundError java/beans/PropertyChangeSupport

This was a weird one and occurred twice to me. When I start up an app, I would get this error. This didn’t occur with all apps and sometimes not even on previous deployments of the same app. It was only today that I finally found the cause. Sometimes when I generate accessors on a Java […]

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BUG?: ADF POJO/WS Data Control, af:table and selectOneChoice

JDeveloper (also This could be a bug or perhaps I am missing something. The use-case is as follows. The model is driven by POJO data controls. The view contains an ADF Table generated from one of the data controls. One of the attributes in the af:table is a selectOneChoice. The values for this […]

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BUG?: af:resource and page fragments

I was working on a PoC to integrate Bing and Google maps with webcenter. The idea was to use the javascript apis for this. While doing this, I encountered this strange issue. I had a taskflow with two page fragments and this was meant to be embedded as a region in another page. The bug […]

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(BUG) ADF BC validation messages in WebCenter Spaces

Another bug? Validation messages from the ADF BC layer don’t display correctly within Webcenter Spaces. Instead of the custom validation message that’s setup in the BC layer, Spaces always displays “Unexpected error(s) occurred. You may want to contact Administrator with the error reference.” The error-ed fields are flagged correctly though. I have raised an SR […]

(BUG) Attributes with same name – ADF BC Validation Messages

I have two entities and associated views. Each of them have attributes with the same name. In my particular case, they are two dates – StartDate and EndDate. EndDate on both entities have validations (Script Expression). The validations check that the End Date is later than Start Date – “return newValue > StartDate” I have […]

ADF Quirks, Bugs & Hints

ADF Table shows duplicate rows on CreateInsert My particular page had a master-detail-detail editable table on it with a “CreateInsert” operation. The first time I hit the createInsert button the page came back with a clean empty row. Every consecutive createInsert operation resulted in a duplicate of the first created row. What was weird was […]