DAOs and Code of Yore

After quite a long time, I get to write some plain old j2ee code. No ORM, no controller framework, no component framework. Just good friend JSP with DTOs and DAOs. Persistence is through JDBC. I don’t even need an IDE. Ha, the simple life.

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Become Agile, Go Kanban

My organization is moving onto experiment with Lean development.  Lean comes from the manufacturing sector but fits surprisingly well into software development. After all, Lean is not specific process but a set of principles. Some of the main principles of Lean include removing waste, delaying decisions, delivering faster, building in integrity – all of them […]

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I can’t believe that I did not notice this before. It was only after I installed Google Chrome and saw the chrome icon and the Windows media player icon next to each other that it struck me. Have you noticed that Google’s icons and M$ icons have the same colour palette RGBY. Hmmm, that’s interesting. […]

Remote Sign-out in Google

http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2008/07/remote-sign-out-and-info-to-help-you.html When you think about it is something that would useful in quite a lot of situations and although it is a very simple thing to implement it took Google to think about it.

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