With our SOA server, we constantly ran into issues where the server was looking for composite versions that were already undeployed. This manifests in the BPM Workspace – When a user attempts to create a new view or modify an existing view, the application throws an uncaught exception. Looking at the logs, I saw that […]

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Hosting provider change

The blog has been having severe issues over the last few months. The up time in the last month was a miserable 9% (according to pingdom). It seemed to be a problem with the MySQL database and the PhP engine losing connection. Of course, this was intermittent. GoDaddy’s support team would test the connection and […]

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[NotABug] JBOException in method activity not displayed in exception handler

See my post here – https://forums.oracle.com/forums/message.jspa?messageID=10474315 There is a change in behaviour between and wrt exceptions in method activity. When a method activity is bound to a ADF BC method and an exception occurs, the error message is no longer displayed as a Faces message. I did raise this as an SR with […]

WebCenter & SSO

I have been trying to find ways to enable single sign-on between WebCenter Spaces and custom portals. Without using OAM or OID. I tried using SAML to simulate SSO. This hit a road-block because I couldn’t find a way to make ADFAuthentication work with SAML. The only configuration that allowed auto-login to work left the […]

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WCS PS3: CSS Menus

John blogs here on a cool way to add CSS menus to a WCS site template. Interesting how he has dropped a DIV directly into the template. Without being constrained by the ADF provided layouts, a UI designer should be able to develop some very cool templates for sites.

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ubuntu on a Dell

So, I’m considering building a NAS+DLNA Server. It just seems to make better sense than buying a pre-built NAS box. Anyway, I don’t know when I will actually begin work on it. In the meantime though, I wanted to install ubuntu on my Dell Inspiron and test DLNA and also play right out to HDMI […]

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Click those Ruby slippers..

I am reading up on Ruby and getting intimate with its conciseness. My initial thoughts are on the lines of – “Alright, it’s easy for the developer – lesser lines of code, no declaration necessary, no type checking necessary, etc, etc – but imagine the pains of the maintainer.”

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