Create custom activity in WebCenter Activity Stream

WebCenter provides an out-of-the-box activity stream that is leveraged to log user activities like add documents, posting messages, modifying space/portal settings, etc. The Activity Stream module also exposes an API that may be used to add custom activity events to the stream. I couldn’t find a single source for all the information about publishing custom […]

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WebCenter Portal & the web.xml

Quite often, I have seen posts over at the Oracle Forums about deployment errors with a WebCenter Portal application. The error logs usually point at a missing listener or a missing factory. For e.g. ‘ ‘ at weblogic.application.internal.flow.BaseLifecycleFlow$ at at at weblogic.application.internal.flow.BaseLifecycleFlow$BaseAction.invoke( at weblogic.application.internal.flow.HeadLifecycleFlow.createListener( Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace Caused […]

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Gotcha: web.xml in Spaces shared library

This was a gotcha moment. A colleague was attempting to create a custom taskflow for use in WebCenter Spaces. So this is what he did. 1) Deployed the custom taskflow as an ADF Library 2) Added the jar into the libraries of the WebCenterSpacesSharedLibExtension project and ensured the shared library deployment included it in the […]

WebCenter Portal Security

In the default WebCenter Portal generated by JDeveloper, anonymous-role is granted “view” privilege on the home page. This may not always be desirable. The portal may not have any public content to put on the home page. In my current project, the entire portal has to be secured and available only to authenticated users. You […]

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(BUG) WCS PS3: Copying the WebCenter FX skin

When you copy the WebCenter FX skin, the copied skin doesn’t work as expected. Without any changes to the copy, I would expect the skin to render the same as WebCenter FX but it doesn’t. My guess is that the copied skin doesn’t inherit properly from the internal base skin used by WebCenter FX. The […]

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WCS PS3: Custom Skin Images

With Webcenter PS3, Oracle offers something they term “Round-trip Development” using JDeveloper. Simply put, this enables you to a) download resources from WebCenter Spaces to JDeveloper b) edit or extend the resources in JDeveloper c) Directly upload the resources to the server.

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WebCenter Spaces: Removing the profile (username) tab (contd.)

Contd from here. I’ve managed to solve this. Thanks to the Oracle support note 1068828.1, we looked at MDS customizations as an option. It’s still a bit of a hack but works for our case.

(BUG) ADF BC validation messages in WebCenter Spaces

Another bug? Validation messages from the ADF BC layer don’t display correctly within Webcenter Spaces. Instead of the custom validation message that’s setup in the BC layer, Spaces always displays “Unexpected error(s) occurred. You may want to contact Administrator with the error reference.” The error-ed fields are flagged correctly though. I have raised an SR […]

WebCenter Spaces: The people connections tab

SOLVED – here. You may have seen the default tab that Webcenter Spaces displays – the one titled with the logged in username. This tab originates from the People Connections service and contains sub-tabs like “Gallery”, “Activity Stream”, “Message Board”, etc. In my current project, there is a requirement to not display this tab. There […]