Bizzare JavaBean vs Data Control property name issue

Bean Data Control issues when member variable’s name starts with a single lowercase letter followed by a uppercase letter – for e.g. “lValue”. I noticed this with Oracle MAF but this is likely a Bean Data Control issue and occurs in ADF as well.

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Solving ADF Limitations through skinning

ADF like many other frameworks comes with its own set of restrictions and limitations. As a developer, some of these look like obvious functionality that ADF should’ve provided OOTB. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, these limitations exist and the end user may not necessarily agree to “live with it”. Thankfully some of these may be solved […]

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BUG?: ADF list binding and “Key” attribute

Another bug(?) that I have hit with ADF ( This, again, has to do with lovs and list binding. This issue surfaced in a BPM Human Task form. One of the payload fields on the form was implemented as a selectOneChoice and the data source for the list came from a Web Service data control. […]

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BUG?: ADF POJO/WS Data Control, af:table and selectOneChoice

JDeveloper (also This could be a bug or perhaps I am missing something. The use-case is as follows. The model is driven by POJO data controls. The view contains an ADF Table generated from one of the data controls. One of the attributes in the af:table is a selectOneChoice. The values for this […]

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ADF Mobile: Skinning & Holo

I haven’t yet found a style selector guide for ADF Mobile. The SkinningDemo from the samples touches upon very few components and isn’t of much use here. Anyway, the best way to explore the available skin selectors is to look through the css files in the deploy folder. I was mainly interested in skinning for […]

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Control triggering of autoSuggestBehaviour

The autoSuggestBehaviour is a very cool demonstration of AJAXy features. It’s a useful visual hint for the user and allows the user to quickly select a valid value for an input component. However, there is often a requirement to control the triggering of the autoSuggestBehaviour. For e.g. based on a minimum no. of characters typed […]

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BUG?: af:resource and page fragments

I was working on a PoC to integrate Bing and Google maps with webcenter. The idea was to use the javascript apis for this. While doing this, I encountered this strange issue. I had a taskflow with two page fragments and this was meant to be embedded as a region in another page. The bug […]

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Upload files to database using ADF

While exploring options to develop an upload-to-database feature, I came across repeated suggestions that using Oracle MultiMedia (previously InterMedia) datatypes (OrdDoc, OrdImage, etc.) was the way to go. A few forums started me off in the right direction. This one for e.g. However, it wasn’t as straightforward to get it working especially given that there […]

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(BUG) ADF BC validation messages in WebCenter Spaces

Another bug? Validation messages from the ADF BC layer don’t display correctly within Webcenter Spaces. Instead of the custom validation message that’s setup in the BC layer, Spaces always displays “Unexpected error(s) occurred. You may want to contact Administrator with the error reference.” The error-ed fields are flagged correctly though. I have raised an SR […]

(BUG) Attributes with same name – ADF BC Validation Messages

I have two entities and associated views. Each of them have attributes with the same name. In my particular case, they are two dates – StartDate and EndDate. EndDate on both entities have validations (Script Expression). The validations check that the End Date is later than Start Date – “return newValue > StartDate” I have […]