iText: PDFs made easy

Tried out iText sometime back for creating PDFs in a J2EE app (ADF 10.1.3 to be specific). It’s a fabulous tool. From my initial read up, pdf layouts will be a bit pain to create as the component tree has to be programatically created. I didn’t need to do layouts so I may have missed […]

Why instanceof is not so hot

Everyone knows the ubiquitous instanceof operator especially when we drill into our minds that instanceof is not a method, it is an operator. :-) You would’ve found it useful in many situations especially when you need to do a bit of refactoring or reflection. This is one operator any programmer ought to be careful about.¬†Unfortunately, […]

Which Hotspot VM?

Did you know that the Java VM ships with two different binaries? Yes, there’s a client VM and a server VM. They differ in various compilation policies and (in particular) heap defaults. While the client VM can be used for applications that require quick start-up and low memory footprint, the sever VM is – well […]

Java References

How often have you implemented a cache in your application? Quite a lot? And how often has the cache lead to an OutOfMemoryError? Did you know that you could use something called SoftReference to prevent that? I didn’t too. It’s surprising how such a great feature in Java hasn’t been as popular as it should […]

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