ADF Mobile: Skinning & Holo

I haven’t yet found a style selector guide for ADF Mobile. The SkinningDemo from the samples touches upon very few components and isn’t of much use here. Anyway, the best way to explore the available skin selectors is to look through the css files in the deploy folder. I was mainly interested in skinning for […]

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Cyanogen Mod (Froyo) on my Spice Mi-300

CyanogenMod nightlies are being churned out for the Commtiva z71 and clones. Using ROM Manager to install ROMs is so dead easy. Look here for latest nightlies – Discussions of nightlies here – z71 Discussion of Nightlies/ ChangeLog and Code Reviews here – Cyanogenmod Reviews How-To You will need a 2.1 ROM on your […]

CMLEclair (Custom ROM) on the Spice Mi-300

I have finally managed to install the CMLEclair custom ROM on my Spice Mi-300. Some of the good things Built-in Processor scaling – 122 to 600 MHz Custom recovery – with NAND backup/restore, etc LauncherPro Root Explorer Extended Controls Homescreens max 7 (customizable) Customizable default screen, no. of columns/rows, auto-fit, etc. Docks max 3 Display […]

The Spice Mi-300 Android Experience

I wanted an Android phone to replace my aged and broken SE w700i. Given the way I treat phones I did not want to spend big bucks on a phone. Samsung seemed to have pulled the plug on all its entry levels – the Galaxy Spica, etc. The lowest priced Android I could find in […]