Oracle MAF: NoClassDefFoundError java/beans/PropertyChangeSupport

person Bijeshfolder_openMAF, Oraclelocal_offer, access_time August 27, 2015

This was a weird one and occurred twice to me. When I start up an app, I would get this error. This didn’t occur with all apps and sometimes not even on previous deployments of the same app.

It was only today that I finally found the cause.

Sometimes when I generate accessors on a Java class and have the “Notify listeners… ” option selected, JDeveloper for some reason adds imports of java.beans.PropertyChangeListener and java.beans.PropertyChangeSupport. This should have been the namesakes from the “” package.

I don’t what triggers this behaviour. However, I have seen that it happens only on certain JDeveloper workspaces/applications and not all of them.

The fix is simply to change the imports to the right adfmf package.

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