BUG?: ADF POJO/WS Data Control, af:table and selectOneChoice

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JDeveloper (also
This could be a bug or perhaps I am missing something.

The use-case is as follows. The model is driven by POJO data controls. The view contains an ADF Table generated from one of the data controls. One of the attributes in the af:table is a selectOneChoice. The values for this are from another data control.

I created the page in a fairly standard manner. Drag-drop the data control as a ADF Table (leave out the drop-down attribute). Run the page, create new rows in the table and everything looks fine. You can enter values into the input boxes.

Drag-drop the drop-down attribute using the “Single Selection as Column” option. In the wizard, add the LOV datacontrol as the datasource, map the attributes and save. This creates a list entry in the pagedef and adds an Item node for the attribute that binds to the list entry. So far so good. On running this page, however, all the rows in the table are disabled i.e. not editable. This includes the simple input boxes as well. If I go to the pagedef and remove the Binds attribute on the Item node, then the row is editable but the drop-down has no options – obviously.

Quite a bind this one. I have a SR open with Oracle and post in the forums. Nothing concrete has come out of this so far. A copy of the sample workspace is here: http://www.bijesh.info/bijesh/ADFWS_TestCase.zip

I will keep this post updated if I find anything useful.


  1. Hi Bijesh,

    Did oracle or you find any solution to this. I am also working to have this kind of solution but not working incase of POJO/WS datacontrol.


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