Upload files to database using ADF

While exploring options to develop an upload-to-database feature, I came across repeated suggestions that using Oracle MultiMedia (previously InterMedia) datatypes (OrdDoc, OrdImage, etc.) was the way to go. A few forums started me off in the right direction. This one for e.g. However, it wasn’t as straightforward to get it working especially given that there […]

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weblogic ServletAuthentication

The weblogic server provides a nifty API – ¬†weblogic.servlet.security.ServletAuthentication. This class allows you to invoke authentication services from any controller – Servlets, JSF Managed Beans. This is pretty cool as you can do away with the j_security_check authentication and build your custom logic. Or perform programmatic authentication. I am currently using this for a WebCenter […]

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WebCenter Portal Security

In the default WebCenter Portal generated by JDeveloper, anonymous-role is granted “view” privilege on the home page. This may not always be desirable. The portal may not have any public content to put on the home page. In my current project, the entire portal has to be secured and available only to authenticated users. You […]

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