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person Bijeshfolder_openOtheraccess_time May 18, 2011

I have been trying to find ways to enable single sign-on between WebCenter Spaces and custom portals. Without using OAM or OID.

I tried using SAML to simulate SSO. This hit a road-block because I couldn’t find a way to make ADFAuthentication work with SAML. The only configuration that allowed auto-login to work left the user with a blank screen (as it involved using /adfAuthentication as the destination target).

The only other way forward is to use a 3rd party SSO platform (JOSSO) for e.g. and see if WebCenter can be configured to work with it. I don’t have very high hopes for this. Oracle’s documentation limits itself to OID/OAM as the SSO provider and does not even mention the possibility of using a 3rd party SSO solution.

Have you had any successes (or failures) in this area? I would love to hear of how your attempts went.


  1. Did you try using oracle.webcenter.spaces.osso=true in the Java startup values?

    You will also need to look at the authentication providers and add one for JOSSO in WebLogic.

  2. Good day Steve,

    Thanks for your tips.

    To be honest, I haven’t yet gotten around to installing/configuring JOSSO. I am still reading up JOSSO’s documentation to see how it integrates with WLS. I guess the JVM startup value will be useful once I get JOSSO setup for WLS.
    Yes, the Authenticator/IdentityAsserter is one area that is a bit hazy to me at the moment. I haven’t found if JOSSO supplies an authenticator that may be used or if I will have to build my own.

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