(BUG) WCS PS3: Copying the WebCenter FX skin

person Bijeshfolder_openOracle, PS3, WebCenterlocal_offeraccess_time April 20, 2011

When you copy the WebCenter FX skin, the copied skin doesn’t work as expected. Without any changes to the copy, I would expect the skin to render the same as WebCenter FX but it doesn’t. My guess is that the copied skin doesn’t inherit properly from the internal base skin used by WebCenter FX. The only way to overcome this is to copy the contents of the internal skin css into the copied skin.

I posted over on the Webcenter forums but no one has bitten the bait yet. I reproduce my post below

On my Spaces PS3, I made a copy of the system skin “WebCenter Spaces FX” and used it as the Skin for a group space along with the template “WebCenter Spaces Top Navigation”.

When I made a copy, I expected that the skin would give me the same LAF as the copied skin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The LAF I get is similar to what I get when I use the “Fusion FX” skin with the “WebCenter Spaces Top Navigation” template. Screenshots below

1) Top Nav with the system WebCenter Spaces FX skin

2) Top Nav with the copy of WebCenter Spaces FX skin

3) Top Nav with the Fusion FX skin

I would’ve expected 2 to look the same as 1 because I merely made a copy and didn’t modify anything within it.

Is this a bug with the copy function? Is there anyway for me to obtain the actual WebCenter Spaces FX skin source, so I can build from there?

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