(BUG) WCS PS3: Copying the WebCenter FX skin

When you copy the WebCenter FX skin, the copied skin doesn’t work as expected. Without any changes to the copy, I would expect the skin to render the same as WebCenter FX but it doesn’t. My guess is that the copied skin doesn’t inherit properly from the internal base skin used by WebCenter FX. The […]

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WCS PS3: CSS Menus

John blogs here on a cool way to add CSS menus to a WCS site template. Interesting how he has dropped a DIV directly into the template. Without being constrained by the ADF provided layouts, a UI designer should be able to develop some very cool templates for sites.

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WCS PS3: Custom Skin Images

With Webcenter PS3, Oracle offers something they term “Round-trip Development” using JDeveloper. Simply put, this enables you to a) download resources from WebCenter Spaces to JDeveloper b) edit or extend the resources in JDeveloper c) Directly upload the resources to the server.

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