Click those Ruby slippers..

person Bijeshfolder_openOtherlocal_offeraccess_time January 27, 2011

I am reading up on Ruby and getting intimate with its conciseness. My initial thoughts are on the lines of – “Alright, it’s easy for the developer – lesser lines of code, no declaration necessary, no type checking necessary, etc, etc – but imagine the pains of the maintainer.”

I find it completely unintuitive that you don’t declare the type of an object or that arrays can contain any type the developer ordains it to contain. If I look at someone else’s piece of Ruby code, how easy is it to read the intention of the original coder. Even with Java (inspite of type strictness and construct strictness), it isn’t always apparent what the coder intends for a piece of code to do.

Perhaps, this is because my brain is still stuck in the Java way of life. Perhaps, once I get used to it, I will discover that Ruby code isn’t hard to maintain.

What do you Ruby practitioners think?

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