ubuntu on a Dell

So, I’m considering building a NAS+DLNA Server. It just seems to make better sense than buying a pre-built NAS box. Anyway, I don’t know when I will actually begin work on it. In the meantime though, I wanted to install ubuntu on my Dell Inspiron and test DLNA and also play right out to HDMI […]

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Click those Ruby slippers..

I am reading up on Ruby and getting intimate with its conciseness. My initial thoughts are on the lines of – “Alright, it’s easy for the developer – lesser lines of code, no declaration necessary, no type checking necessary, etc, etc – but imagine the pains of the maintainer.”

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DAOs and Code of Yore

After quite a long time, I get to write some plain old j2ee code. No ORM, no controller framework, no component framework. Just good friend JSP with DTOs and DAOs. Persistence is through JDBC. I don’t even need an IDE. Ha, the simple life.

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