(BUG) Attributes with same name – ADF BC Validation Messages

person Bijeshfolder_openADFlocal_offer, access_time December 1, 2010

I have two entities and associated views. Each of them have attributes with the same name. In my particular case, they are two dates – StartDate and EndDate. EndDate on both entities have validations (Script Expression). The validations check that the End Date is later than Start Date – “return newValue > StartDate”

I have a single create page that contains both these entities. What happens now is that if even one of the entities fail the validation, fields of both the entities are flagged. Renaming the attribute on one of the entity (and corresponding view object) seems to work. I am using this workaround for now. Have logged an SR with Oracle. Let’s wait and see if a bug gets filed.

I have a simplified repro case (contains Jdev project and SQL script) here – http://dox.bijesh.info/reproValidationMsg.zip


  1. Yes that is a bug and very huge one if you plan on making complex forms involving several VO’s chances are that you will have attribute with same name ….

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