(BUG) ADF BC validation messages in WebCenter Spaces

person Bijeshfolder_openADF, WebCenterlocal_offer, , access_time December 2, 2010

Another bug? Validation messages from the ADF BC layer don’t display correctly within Webcenter Spaces. Instead of the custom validation message that’s setup in the BC layer, Spaces always displays “Unexpected error(s) occurred. You may want to contact Administrator with the error reference.” The error-ed fields are flagged correctly though. I have raised an SR with Oracle for this. I am told that Webcenter Spaces considers any Exception outside of the oracle.webcenter package to be an unexpected error. I am waiting to see if Oracle gets back with a feasible workaround. Hmmm!

Given that ADF taskflows are a recommended way to extend webcenter spaces, I find this limitation, well, very limiting.


  1. Adrian Andreca

    Did you get any response from oracle? In webcenter PS3 we have still same problem.

  2. @Adrian: Unfortunately, no news from Oracle. An ER was raised by support but I can’t seem to check the status on that one. In the meantime, my post here – http://tech.bijesh.info/2010/12/spaces-quirks-bugs-workarounds/- may help.

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