Cyanogen Mod (Froyo) on my Spice Mi-300

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CyanogenMod nightlies are being churned out for the Commtiva z71 and clones. Using ROM Manager to install ROMs is so dead easy.

Look here for latest nightlies –

Discussions of nightlies here – z71 Discussion of Nightlies/

ChangeLog and Code Reviews here – Cyanogenmod Reviews


  1. You will need a 2.1 ROM on your device first (official ROM or others). I had CMLEclair 1.2
  2. Root and su device (if not rooted already)
  3. Backup all your data/apps using 3rd party tools. I used Titanium Backup
  4. Install ROM Manager from the android market
  5. Open ROM Manager and choose Flash ClockworkMod Recovery. From device list choose Commtiva z71. Ensure you allow superuser access when ROM Manager requests
  6. Download the nightly zip to your sd card.
  7. Download Google Apps MDPI to your sd card. Read more here –
  8. In ROM Manager choose option Install ROM from SD Card. You may queue the z71 ROM and Google Apps together. Also choose the option “Wipe Data and Cache”
  9. Allow ClockworkMod Recovery to do its magic.


  1. I tried the build 15 of this, found many issues.
    1) Headset button cannot be used to ans the call or turn on the music player.
    2) Frequetly I used to get this message “SD card removed unexpectedly”.
    3) When you keep the phone idle with a game running, it switched off.
    And it was damn hectic to revert back to the official 2.1 ROM. The SUT doesn’t detect the phone, may be as the partition containing “CD ROM” is not mounted.

  2. Will try the build 25 tonight ;)

  3. @Nick: I am on build 21 right now. Everything works alright except that battery runs out fast. Yeah, should try out build 25 although the changelog only has a libcamera fix listed.
    Getting RUT to reco the phone is a major pain. I believe it has to do with the drivers on your computer. With Windows, the default drivers are the culprit and it isn’t easy to install alternate drivers for the phone.

  4. I installed build 26 on my MI300…it’s nice, fast, lots of new features, installing apps to sdcard is good,everything works. The only problem is with ADWLauncher, when I change the number of rows, process.acore force closes every tie and I have do a wipe in recovery mode. Haven’t tested GPS, will do that shortly.

    And if you want to revert painlessly, simply flash your original spice recovery using adb/terminal, put the original nb0 file on the sdcard and update!

  5. Just installed build 26 in the MI-300. Everything works, GPS, bluetooth, WIFI, and I haven’t found any bugs yet. ADWLauncher force closes when I change the number of rows, so I went back to launcher pro. The whole UI is a little sluggish though, and I’ll check my processor scaling with setCPU in a while.

    And to go back to the spice ROM painlessly, simply flash the spice recovery via adb/terminal, then update from the spice (or whatever) nb0 file.

    I wonder why my previous comment didn’t show up here.

  6. @BHippo: I haven’t tried out the ADWLauncher settings yet. As for reverting back, I have a pretty stable CMLEclair version backed up, so that’s not much of an issue.

    As for your previous comment, I have got approvals turned on and it took me a bit of time to approve yours. :-)

  7. Well now I’ve got myself into a tight spot here…I flashed a battery icon changing zip file using clockwork, it turns out it was not for CM6.

    Now my Spice won’t boot, and wouldn’t even go into recovery using [power]+[vol up]+[camera] keys.
    Thing is, it never did boot into recovery using that combo. I know, this combination is written everywhere, but it just doesn’t work. Maybe it’s the recovery image that recognises a different key combo (searching around for that).

    Phone doesn’t show up on the computer either. It’s just stuck at the CM logo.

    I have a nandroid backup, but I can’t get to the recovery. Is there a workaround that you know of?

    P.S. : About the comments, yes, I noticed it immediately after posting my second comment :-)

  8. My bad, I didn’t push the camera button hard enough :-)
    You need to press it *really* hard.

  9. Glad you figured that out. Yeah, I have missed the recovery reboot quite a few times cos of this. :-)

    So, did you manage to recover the phone?

  10. Yes I did: flashed the build 25 again.
    Thanks for all the help :-)

  11. See my blog for more info on zeus and spice-mi300

  12. How much time is needed to install the mod as my phone is stuck at the spice logo for about 20 mins.

  13. my phone wont boot into recovery mode after flashing with clockworkmod so cant install cyanogenmod nor can reset my phone is there a way to remove this flash.
    thanks in advance.

  14. Thank a lot for the post. Everything is running absolutely fine for me except the google goggles. after clicking photo with goggles it turns into a black screen with infinite looting ring loading display. rest is very good. 2.2(Froyo) is very fast compared to 2.1(Eclair). I am loving it :P Thanks again :D

  15. After installing the camera patch from, google goggles is also ok so far.

  16. How ’bout Flash Player 10.1 and Portable Hotspot? Do these two features work as well? For me, they’d be the main reason for installing froyo.

  17. @Nishant
    I have the same problem like you it wont boot into recovery.I am unable to install cynogen
    so what did u then plz tell me at

  18. Hiii Friends……….. I had rooted my phone from past 3 months but am unable to reboot it in recovery mode…. :( had tried everything ROM MANAGER and tried keys combination step hundreds of times….!!!! even pressing camera key REALLLLLYYYYY HARD….. but am not getting that menu…. plz guys help me, i had downloaded cyanogen zip but thats becoming unuseful becozzz of recovery screen prob…. i had seen such a screen when i was reinstalling ECLAIR again on my phone after breaking my phone’s features like bluetooth and losing every setting after running a messy app….
    plz guys help me out….

    Terry Sharma,

  19. @Terry:
    1) Do you have a custom recovery on your phone?
    2) Did you try flashing ClockworkRecovery using ROM Manager?

    I’ve usually seen that the problem is with not pressing the key combinations hard enough but then you specifically mention that you tried that.

  20. First of all thanks for replying to my problem.. yes i had intalled custom revovery image from rom manager but it didnt worked… :( everytime i select .zip file my phone restarts nd only shows Spice logo… am tired of this and start hating that logo… evertime i see that logo after doing instructed steps i feel like i should break my screen so it will not show that logo again… i think Spice had not provided feature of recovery mode in Mi300… if this is true then i hate this model aloooottt….. am sucked u kmow daily i try to repeat these steps but nothing happens…

  21. Hmm, that’s interesting. Mi300 does have a recovery mode but if you have anyway flashed clockworkmod, this is the one that should be used.

    See if this post helps. It suggests that an earlier clockworkmod versions works –

    Alternately, try reinstalling the official ROM from Spice using the PC tool.

  22. sir after getting Cyanogen Mod (Froyo) on my Spice Mi-300…….. on it first start it works fine….. bt in 2nd start it stucks at d logo of spice…. wht i have 2 do pls help………

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