CMLEclair (Custom ROM) on the Spice Mi-300

person Bijeshfolder_openAndroidaccess_time October 27, 2010

I have finally managed to install the CMLEclair custom ROM on my Spice Mi-300. Some of the good things

  1. Built-in Processor scaling – 122 to 600 MHz
  2. Custom recovery – with NAND backup/restore, etc
  3. LauncherPro
  4. Root Explorer
  5. Extended Controls
  6. Homescreens
    • max 7 (customizable)
    • Customizable default screen, no. of columns/rows, auto-fit, etc.
  7. Docks
    • max 3
    • Display missed call, unread SMS, unread Gmail counts
    • Customizable background
  8. Other Features
    • Customizable home key and End key action
    • Hide/show notifications
    • Customizable highlighting
    • Homescreen Cache
    • Screen Previews
    • Font size


  1. I am using firetrap sugar 1.2.. quite happy with that, did you try it?
    what do you think ,any chances of getting cyanagon mod on mi 300?

  2. Vibhor, haven’t tried firetrap yet. Installed CML only recently. did you try CML?
    Yes, I think a cyanogen mod is brewing. I hope it is.

  3. Hey..gr8 info..i have finally some hope..that i’ll be able to root my phne and flash a custom rom..

    Few Questions..

    Is the rom you apps2sd support..
    If not how to get apps to sd can you throw some light on that..

  4. Mohd,
    The ROM does have apps2sd support. You have to first partition the SD card into swap and ext segments and then enable Apps2SD from recovery mode. This is generic doc on Apps2SD for CyanogenMod but similar principles should apply to CMLEclair as well –

  5. ok..and in 2.2 romwhich might come we wont have to do this right?

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