ADF Task Flow: Transfer control between bounded flows

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Imagine you have two bounded task flows, which I will call A and B for simplicity. A and B should be called serially by the calling task flow. Let’s take the case where the unbounded task flow (U) initiates the call. U should call A and B serially without requiring two user actions. How do you do it? Of course, A can include a task flow call to B, but that would mean that B is invoked as part of A’s operations. What if the two task flows have to be independent of each other?

Example of two bounded task flows

No, a button cannot have an action that directly references the other bounded task flow. As far as I can see, task flows have to be exclusively invoked through a task flow call in the unbounded task flow (adfc-config). Now a bounded task flow cannot directly “see” a control flow in the unbounded task flow, which makes sense as the bounded task flow is meant to be independent, “bounded” flow. The graceful way to exit a bounded task flow is using a Task Flow Return and this is precisely what you configure to pass control to another task flow. Use the name property on the task flow return to return an action name on the unbounded task flow. This tells the calling task flow (in this case the unbounded one) to invoke that action on return.

Task Flow Return Properties

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