Xperience JDeveloper 11g

person Bijeshfolder_openJDeveloperlocal_offer, , , access_time February 6, 2008

Oracle’s technical preview of JDeveloper 11g has been out for sometime now. Having been using ADF, the first thing to do was to check out the new ADF Rich Client (RC) components. They are almost the same uber-cool Faces components but now with the “rich” experience. Ofcourse, you can choose to stick to the Trinidad (erstwhile ADF Faces) components if you don’t want the rich UI. After seeing the power and cool-factor of RC, I doubt you would want to do that though. Some of the components that I’ve been playing around with are the ADF Rich Table (perhaps the most ubiquitous component on any web application), the drag-and-drop features, the various layout panels – the panelAccordion, the panelSplitter and so on.

The same drag-drop data binding is still available. Using the ADF RC with Business Components is a breeze.

Being a technical preview, the JDeveloper is quite sluggish. I have been doing some hand-coding to save precious time. A number of times during my poking around, data binding in my page defs disappeared mysteriously. I had to delete and recreate some components to get the bindings back. I guess these will get fixed by the time the production cut is out.

Look out for the follow-on posts on various ADF RC components.

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