ADF RC: The Rich Table

person Bijeshfolder_openUncategorizedlocal_offer, , , access_time February 6, 2008

I guess the table component is the most ubiquitous of all web components. Every application would have some need or the other for a table of data. It was quite natural therefore that I decided to play with the “rich” table in ADF RC. Perhaps you have already read about the cool features that comes with the table.

  1. Users can (at runtime) hide/show specific columns of the table through the “View” menu.
  2. Users can re-arrange (at runtime) the columns on the table.
  3. Users can drag-n-drop entire collections into a data table.
  4. Drag-and-drop ADF binding is still the same.
  5. Adding filters (search-like functionality) is all about setting a property to true.
  6. Tables respond to partial triggers. For ex. refreshing detail table based on selection in master table is easy.
  7. Row and Column banding
  8. Context menus (on right-click)

Marked differences from earlier non-rich versions are:

  1. Selection is not through a radio button. Instead when the user clicks on a row, the row gets selected and changes shade. Multiple selection is achieved by holding down the Ctrl button.
  2. Column selection is available to users.
  3. Table and Row actions can now be added into a toolbar or a menu(requires a panelCollection layout around the table)
  4. Sorting is performed through up/down arrows placed on the column header.

(this post will be updated as and when I have discovered/read about new features of the table component)


  1. Jesus Rodriguez


    How can I use the buttons that were in JDeveloper10 used to next 10 and so..thanks

  2. @Jesus: Is there a specific use-case that requires Prev-Next buttons?
    I guess you are aware that previous-next in the rich table works through the scrollbar or scroll mouse-button on the table.

  3. Jesus Rodriguez

    Bijesh…for me no but someone had asked that..thanks a lot

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