Drag N Drop in ADF 11

ADF RC supports drag and drop features. I decided to try this feature on a shopping cart screen that I was working on. Well, actually it is the Store Front shopping cart demo screen that I am replicating on my own.The screen contains table of items available on sale – including an image of the […]

ADF RC: Page Templates

Page Templates allow you to create a uniform look and feel across the application. ADF RC ships with a built-in three column layout that uses good uses of resize-able and hide-able panel splitters. You can create a page template from the New Gallery. The template’s layout is defined with the af:pageTemplateDef element.Define the facet’s that […]

ADF RC: The Rich Table

I guess the table component is the most ubiquitous of all web components. Every application would have some need or the other for a table of data. It was quite natural therefore that I decided to play with the “rich” table in ADF RC. Perhaps you have already read about the cool features that comes […]

Xperience JDeveloper 11g

Oracle’s technical preview of JDeveloper 11g has been out for sometime now. Having been using ADF, the first thing to do was to check out the new ADF Rich Client (RC) components. They are almost the same uber-cool Faces components but now with the “rich” experience. Ofcourse, you can choose to stick to the Trinidad […]

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