Bizzare JavaBean vs Data Control property name issue

Bean Data Control issues when member variable’s name starts with a single lowercase letter followed by a uppercase letter – for e.g. “lValue”. I noticed this with Oracle MAF but this is likely a Bean Data Control issue and occurs in ADF as well.

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Oracle MAF: Run in background

There may often be a requirement for a mobile app to continue running in the background after the user moves on to another app. A sample usecase may be to sync data from an online resource – especially when a connection becomes available again. This may be more convenient to do when the user is not actively […]

Oracle MAF: NoClassDefFoundError java/beans/PropertyChangeSupport

This was a weird one and occurred twice to me. When I start up an app, I would get this error. This didn’t occur with all apps and sometimes not even on previous deployments of the same app. It was only today that I finally found the cause. Sometimes when I generate accessors on a Java […]

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Oracle MAF: Push page button using Javascript

A common requirement on MAF is to simulate a page button push using Javascript. To achieve this, what you need is a Javascript function that registers two events on the button – “touchstart” and “touchend”. (function() { pressAMXButton = function() { var eventTarget = document.getElementById(arguments[0]); //argument is the button id var touchStartEvt = new Event(“touchstart”); […]

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Oracle MAF: JDK 1.8 config

When you install the MAF extension and restart JDeveloper, you will be prompted to specify the location of a JDK 1.8 installation. Once you configure this, JDeveloper is meant to create a new Java SE profile and use this for MAF applications. It appears that this process doesn’t always work very well. In my case, […]

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Create custom activity in WebCenter Activity Stream

WebCenter provides an out-of-the-box activity stream that is leveraged to log user activities like add documents, posting messages, modifying space/portal settings, etc. The Activity Stream module also exposes an API that may be used to add custom activity events to the stream. I couldn’t find a single source for all the information about publishing custom […]

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Solving ADF Limitations through skinning

ADF like many other frameworks comes with its own set of restrictions and limitations. As a developer, some of these look like obvious functionality that ADF should’ve provided OOTB. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, these limitations exist and the end user may not necessarily agree to “live with it”. Thankfully some of these may be solved […]

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With our SOA server, we constantly ran into issues where the server was looking for composite versions that were already undeployed. This manifests in the BPM Workspace – When a user attempts to create a new view or modify an existing view, the application throws an uncaught exception. Looking at the logs, I saw that […]

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BUG?: ADF list binding and “Key” attribute

Another bug(?) that I have hit with ADF ( This, again, has to do with lovs and list binding. This issue surfaced in a BPM Human Task form. One of the payload fields on the form was implemented as a selectOneChoice and the data source for the list came from a Web Service data control. […]

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